Facebook for your community & your non-profit.

Facebook is the largest social network. Users create a personal profile where they can share information, pictures, and updates with friends, family, networks, and online community at large. Members can use the site to communicate directly with members, join interest groups, and subscribe to and interact with organizations or brands through pages.


1. Share your story

  • Share your mission and story in a personal way
  • Add pictures, videos, and any other applications to highlight the work you do, and the faces behind it
  • Invite supporters to contribute their own photos, stories, videos
  • Example: invisiblepeople.tv [Read why: Case Study: InvisiblePeople.tv by Geoff Livingston]

2. Engage and grow your community

  • Ask questions, encouraging members to share feedback, stories, and insights
  • Here are 16 Ways to Ask Questions on Facebook(by John Haydon)
  • Respond to wall posts
  • Interact and join the conversation on other organization’s pages

3. Fundraise

4. Educate, raise awareness, and promote

  • Create content worth sharing. As members share, more people learn about your organization and work
  • Use events and updates to promote upcoming events
  • Example: Oceana

5. Drive traffic to your website or newsletter (and vice versa)

  • You still want to direct people to your website, blog, and newsletter. Make sure to encourage people to sign up and subscribe directly
  • Include social sharing features on your website, blog, and newsletter
  • Add Facebook (and other social networks) link to your email signature
  • Add email subscription tab to your Facebook Page
  • Example: 350.org



Policy & Guidelines Examples